Participating Clinicians and Practitioners of THRIVE on Main:

Jennifer A. Phillips
Owner & Operator
(401) 569-9788

Jessica L. Kaplan

Sanda S. Rosser

Timothy J. Carlone

Melissa A. Kelley

Leah M. Houston

Shelby Englund

Deborah Ashe

Jennifer A. Phillips 
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist

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A  Collaborative of Comprehensive Therapies

As the Owner and Operator of THRIVE on Main, I have had the opportunity to bring together a collection of practitioners and therapies who excel in their specific areas of practice.  This dream was born out of my years spent as psychotherapist in private practice, feeling isolated and yearning for collegial support and more wrap around services than I, myself, could provide like I had experienced in other work settings.  Once establishing roots in Historic East Greenwich, I began to seek out other practitioners with whom I could share resources and space with.  In this search, I became connected to so many practitioners juggling overhead costs and a variety of challenges that present themselves for clinicians who simply want to work with their clients and not manage the administrative and resource demands of owning your own private clinical practice.  Many private practice clinicians are employed in full-time positions and practicing only part-time.  These demands often leave clinicians feeling overwhelmed or discouraged with their initial desire to bring individualized quality clinical support to their clients.  I offer clinicians an opportunity to work in a cooperative way with other small business owners through a sharing of office space,  resources, administrative costs and clinical expertise.  Here at THRIVE on Main you may come as a client of services where a collaborative effort is taking place to offer you enhanced overall wellness of mind & body or you may come as a practitioner commited to working in a cooperative way with other practioners and business owners toward enhancing your own professional satisfaction and personal well-being as you work with your clients and collogues.

Special attention to detail and therapeutic millue at the offices of THRIVE on Main offer clients a safe, inviting and comforting environment to nourish their souls and support their forward movement both mentally & physically.  Many of the services offered at THRIVE on Main were created or brought together from a variety of disciplines to offer the highest standard of treatment and caring for clients who seek our support.  


              Practitioner Participation in THRIVE on Main:  A Collaborative of Comprehensive Therapies

Willingness to participate and share resources toward the benefit of individual business growth, professional growth and service delivery to clients and the community.  Each Sublet will come to the Collaborative as Individual Business Entities, with complete and total autonomy; however agree to work with other Clinical Practices/Businesses in a cohesive way by contributing to the overall clinical service delivery of each of its members, bettering the overall wellness of our individual caseloads.


Benefits to Collaborative Participation:

·        Colleague Presence & Interaction

·        Shared Group Training Library and Cost Sharing

·        Centralized Purchasing of Supplies/Resources where appropriate (Internet Access, Coffee Service, Credit Card terminals, etc.)

·        Peer Supervision & Accessibility

·        Shared Group Supervision & Cost Sharing

·        Cross-referral Benefits between Clinical Practices

·        Shared Business/Practice Development, Support and Guidance

·        Group Advertising/Marketing Options

       Inclusion and Exposure on Collaborative Website and Linking of Practice Websites

·       Access to a variety of Clinical Specialties within the Collaborative for Enhanced Resource and Information Gathering & Sharing

                        Clinical Office Sublet at THRIVE on Main:  A Collaborative of Comprehensive Therapies

Sublet Rates are based on a Daily or Fulltime basis (1-5 Day options)

Rates are set to incorporate cost of Sublet Benefits

Prime Day Sublet and Weekend Sublet options are available


Sublet Benefits at THRIVE on Main:  A Collaborative of Comprehensive Therapies

                                                    ·       Fully Furnished Offices
                                                    ·       Fully Furnished Waiting Area
                                                    ·      Liability Insurance Coverage of all working spaces within the Collaborative Suite
 ·       Kitchenette Use
                                                    ·       Coordination of Centralized Purchasing Needs provided (paper goods, cleaning
                                                          supplies & services, bottled water, coffee service, professional development/CEU
                                                          training, interior and exterior signage)
·        Property Management & Maintenance
·        Sidewalk & Entryway Snow Removal
                                                    ·        Therapeutic Décor & Millue Oversight
                                                    ·        Sound Machines and Protection of Confidentiality
                                                    ·        Locked Mail Services
                                                    ·       Referral Priority given to practitioners working within THRIVE on Main 


    *Shared Expenses are in addition to Sublet Rates and are contributed to by all tenants within the Collaborative



Visit Link Below for detailed Office Availability




Professional networking opportunities will begin in the upcoming year and are currently under development.  If you are a practitioner or clinician interested in building your professional profile and collaborating with other helping professionals, you may want to consider registering yourself for inclusion in upcoming events.  

Please stay tuned to hear & see more in the very near future.  Announcements & Updates to follow soon!

If you would like to be kept informed as things develop and get underway, please email and let me know who you are!
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