Jennifer A. Phillips 
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist

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Psychosocial Oncology Therapy

Please take a moment to reflect on the questions below and reflect on your experiences thus far with your Cancer diagnosis....

Are you newly diagnosed with Cancer and trying to cope with anxiety & fear?

Are you having difficulty concentrating or focusing  in other areas of your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed or depressed since being diagnosed?

Are you terrified about treatment and its side effects? 

Are your worries keeping you up at night?

Are you consumed with catastrophic thoughts or images?

Do you feel isolated & alone?

Are you confused about what to tell your children, family, friends & coworkers
 about your Cancer diagnosis?

Are you having a difficult time asking or accepting help from those who care about you?

Do you feel misunderstood by your spouse or partner?

Are you and your partner struggling to maintain intimacy?

Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction since treatment or surgery?

Are you ashamed of your physical appearance?

Are you struggling to get back into your life since treatment has ended?

Are you surprised by your feelings since treatment has ended?

Do you experience guilt over your feelings? 

Do you feel a disconnect between how you look & how you feel?

Are you having a difficult time coping since your spouse, sibling or child was diagnosed?

Are you grieving a loss?

Are you troubled about where to turn for guidance with practical needs like financial help, insurance issues, medication costs and applying for disability benefits?

Do you know what resources are available to you within your community?

If you have answered YES to ANY of these questions, you may benefit from supportive Psychosocial Oncology Counseling with a
Clinical Oncology Social Worker


Those who are living with a Cancer diagnosis may experience a multitude of stressors that not only affect them but those in their support system as well.  While Cancer is a medical diagnosis, patients are impacted on many levels, not just physically.  Frequently, those who have been diagnosed experience a tremendous amount of emotional suffering during this difficult time.  Many experience significant emotional & psychological distress during early diagnosis, treatment, or at some point during the recovery process. The ripple effects of the myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual stressors can significantly impair one's functioning as well as impact one's overall sense of well-being.

As a Licensed Clinical Oncology Social Worker, I understand the unique emotional & psychological needs of those whose lives have been touched by Cancer.  I offer you or anyone in your support system professional counseling services that are specifically tailored to soothe your unique needs.  I am a specially trained and experienced clinician who understands the process you are going through . This specialized counseling will be provided in a safe and supportive environment.  I am committed to helping you cope with your Cancer diagnosis in a way that fosters adjustment and personal growth during this difficult journey.

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