Jennifer A. Phillips 
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist

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THRIVE on Main
Storefront & Information Destination
 Why a storefront at THRIVE on Main?  Well, it's a way to highlight products and companies that I not only use myself, but love to share with people who are working hard everyday to support their overall wellness.  Working with people who are living with cancer and many chronic illnesses has pushed me as a clinician to work outside of the box and find creative ways to help people acheive their clinical and personal wellness goals.  By joining people on this journey I have learned about so many resources and options available to people in this forward movement.  Often disease managment requires discipline and lifestyle changes and prevents people from being able to use traditional methods of intervention.  As many of us learn along the way, access to resources and products that are beyond mainstream use are frequently hard to find, costly or down right confusing.  Therefore, when I come across something new in search for myself, my family or my clients, I want a venue to share... 

THRIVE on Main welcomes Beautycounter Personal Care products

doTerra Essential Oils Now Available at THRIVE on Main

Fresh Eggs have Returned to Thrive on Main!!!!!

Fresh Backyard Eggs


“From our Urban Coop to your Kitchen”

Did you know???

Fresh Eggs are more nutritious, having significantly less cholesterol & saturated fats

 Plus offering 3 times more Omega-3 and 6 times more Vitamin D than store bought eggs.

*Honor System, Help Yourself, Located in kitchen*

Always accepting egg carton donations and be sure to return with your empties to refill!

 *Eggs will range from brown, white & cream in a variety of sizes “you get what you get & you can’t get upset”

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