Jennifer A. Phillips 
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist

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About Me 

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has practiced in a variety of roles within the helping profession since 1995. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where I majored in Family Relations & Human Development with a Gerontology minor.  After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology, I began to pursue real experiences with real people in the helping profession.  I began this journey in the area of Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities, spending the first half of my career working with adult populations suffering with chronic and persistent mental illness and a variety of developmental disorders.  It was during these years that my passion for working with the under served, under privileged and minority populations was ignited.  My devotion to advocacy, change, growth, equity and support for self determination paved my natural path toward the pursuit of a Master's Degree in the area of Social Work.  I attended Rhode Island College, Graduate School of Social Work while maintaining full-time employment as a Clinical Administrator at Alternative's Unlimited Inc. of Whitinsville , Massachusetts.

I received my Master of Social Work degree in 2001, with a clinical focus in Health, Aging & Disability.  During my graduate studies and clinical practicum, I discovered a passion for Clinical Oncology Social Work and have spent the last 11 years intergrating it into my clinical work today. I have been touched personally and professionally with Cancer and have a dedicated commitment toward those living with a cancer diagnosis.  Meeting the social, emotional & psychological needs of this population has been both rewarding and enriching to my soul.  I spent a total of four years working within The Program in Women's Oncology and Breast Health Center at Women & Infant's Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island as a Clinical Oncology Social Worker.  In addition to this setting, I have partnered with Dr. Robert Legare, Dr. Robert Knisely and Dr. Rebecca Vanasse of Oncology Hematology in Westerly, Rhode Island since 2002 in bringing Oncology Social Work support services to the private medical practice setting of Oncology Hematology.  Through my clinical experiences of assisting oncology patients with connecting to direct supports to meet their practical, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs, that I identified a need for ongoing and extended counseling services.  As time unfolded and my professional awareness increased, I decided to go into private practice 4 years ago with intentions of serving those living with a cancer diagnosis in need, as well as provide comprehensive counseling services to the general population.

In my efforts to take my clinical expertise and passion to a part of Rhode Island that is in need of more options when choosing a Behavioral Health Practitioner and has limited resources in the area of Oncology services, I decided to grow my private practice in the lovely, historic town of East Greenwich, Rhode Island.  Along with this location, I continue to  practice in Westerly, Rhode Island.  In 2009, I became the founder and coordinator of THRIVE on Main: A Collaborative of Comprehensive Therapies.  The concept of this collaborative is to bring together like-minded practitioners of varied backgrounds and treatment modalities into one space, sharing professional resources  to offer clients a larger scope of treatment for their entire self.  I am a mother of three, who understands the unique needs of balancing family and the many increasing responsibilities and expectations in a fast-paced culture, during stressful financial times. I am of a multi-cultural background and have been infused with a life-time of diversity and have experienced first-hand the need for change and adaptation to many people and places.  Coupled with my professional training, my own life lessons of acceptance and tolerance have helped to equip me with the skills to provide therapy that is both understanding of and compassionate toward each client or system that seeks my support.  I believe if I can affect change with each of my clients through strength based counseling, insight-oriented cognitive and behavioral interventions and supportive structuring of the environment's in which they live, it is through that partnership I may be most helpful.  My approach is interactive and directive with an eclectic use of psychological theory, mindfulness and humor.  If you are interested in speaking with me further to learn more about my practice or assess your individual needs, please contact me.  I welcome the opportunity to speak with you further. 

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